The project

Our recreational equipment is the culmination of the career of the past 17 years by Mr. Christian Déry. When the project will be launched, it will be thanks to the generosity, the enthusiasm and the expertise of a team of specialists in different spheres, all together for the same purpose, the realization of the Coliseum.

Construction Pentagone Inc. has been entrusted the mandate of estimating, management as well as the possible construction of a 1st Coliseum. Our equipment will be fixed and operable on four seasons. Wood and steel are the two components that constitute the frame.

The Coliseum, frontage

The realization of the walls, carved from sprayed concrete, the equipment will provide durability for several decades. This mandate will be given to the Béton Projeté M.A.H. Inc. proud artisans of projects to several amusement parks (Village Vacances Valcartier, Parc Safari, Zoo de Québec...).

More than a tourist product, the Coliseum will be a unique multidisciplinary equipment that will charm different audiences both by the nature of the activities offered by their originality. Our goal: to make this equipment a place for fun and educational game, area shows, sporting events and artistic diffusion.

Premiere world, the creators of the Coliseum, together with Mr. Dany Fillion, responsible for the production of nets of Cirque du Soleil (1997-2007), have the air maze, a team play area operated on three overlapping threads. Each of these nets will have an area of 3,600 square feet.

There will also be a psychomotor circuit (hiking trail) as the gateway of the Coliseum. The series of fun and educational challenges, meet the objectives of development of the Ministry of Education of Quebec (health and Physical Education: jurisdiction interact, take action and adopt a healthy, active lifestyle).

To meet the technical requirements relating to the presentation of shows, Coliseum Concept can count on Solotech-Québec support, leader in the sound reinforcement industry internationally, lighting and multimedia.

The Coliseum, open-air concert hall, will accommodate up to 1400 spectators through the bleachers built by Engineering-Tech in collaboration with MAH proposed cement.

The Coliseum, fitness trail

The proximity between the stage and the bleachers will allow, both artists and the public to live magical moments, intimate and authentic. Michel Brazeau, producer of international major artists, will feature artists of different musical currents.

The Coliseum in winter, outdoor ice rink and ring

During the winter, a ring of ice and an ice rink will be built surrounding and inside the Coliseum. In addition, two to four slips may be at even the equipment. Also, an art gallery will be exhibiting five sculptures of snow, sixteen feet of height, made by Mr. Raymond St-Laurent, head of the Canadian snow sculpting team, and his team.

A participatory component will be offered to visitors: families will be invited to demonstrate their artistic talents from carving a block of snow. The activity will be supervised by a moderator who will deliver all the "small stuff" that a good sculptor ought to know.

Target audiences are:

  • Family and individual (local and tourist),
  • Adult: corporate, associations, groups, social clubs, recreational clubs,
  • Youth: Commissions school and childcare, services of leisure, youth centres, associations, etc.

The initiator of the project shares the conviction with all of its partners that the Coliseum will be, ultimately, a playful, generator equipment of joy and delight, pups as among the great who will have the chance to live a memorable experience on a personal level or in a group!

Some pictures of The Coliseum

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